Patient 5 for GTAC Project

Chris has officially been accepted as patient 5 for the GTAC project. On July 26th he visited Dr. Harms at Columbia University for his first GTAC appointment. Everything has since been sent off for gene sequencing and testing.

The Genomic Translation for ALS Clinical care (GTAC) project will involve a combination of next generation genetic sequencing and detailed clinical phenotyping in 1500 people with ALS. The goal of the project is to provide a basis for the development of precision medicine, or more individually tailored therapies for ALS.

The project, officially announced on August 18th, 2015, is funded through a $30 million strategic alliance between Biogen and CUMC, and $3.5 million from the ALS Association that was raised through the Ice Bucket Challenge.

“This study will help in developing a detailed understanding of how different genes contribute to different clinical forms of ALS. This will in turn help us design better, more focused clinical trials for the development of more effective treatments,” said Tim Harris, senior vice president of precision medicine at Biogen, in a statement.

More information on the GTAC project can be found:


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